Monday, February 14, 2011

Drizzle JDBC 0.8

Just pushed up Drizzle-JDBC 0.8 to the central maven repository, list of changes is below. To use it, update your poms to include this:

Or simply download the jar file and add it to the classpath. Further instructions on how to us it is available on the Drizzle JDBC Wiki

Drizzle JDBC is a BSD Licensed JDBC driver for MySQL and Drizzle.

Changlog for 0.8

  • Allow queries bigger than 16M (Stephane Giron)
  • Allow prepared statements with large parameters
  • Allow reading back big result sets
  • Implement cancel() on statements
  • Implement query timeouts
  • Java 5 support (Christian Peter)
  • Add option to create database if it does not exist (Stephan Giron) - add ?createDB=true to the connection string
  • Fixes to database metadata queries after drizzle got its data dictionary
  • Better UTF8 support and BLOB/CLOB fixes (Christian Peter)
  • Support for MySQL old passwords (Stephane Giron)
  • LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE support (Stephane Giron)
  • Properly close socket (Gilles Rayrat)
  • Support BigDecimal in setObject
  • Move maven repositories to the Sonatype OSS repositories
  • Initial blob streaming (PBMS) support (

Report any issues/feature requests to me, or on