Monday, July 5, 2010

Help me test my BSD licensed JDBC driver for Drizzle and MySQL

I'm developing Drizzle-JDBC which is a BSD licensed JDBC driver for both MySQL and Drizzle. The goal is to build a maintainable, "light weight" JDBC driver with a permissive license (it is hard to be truly light weight when implementing the massive JDBC interfaces).

Now what I really need is beta testers. I don't expect anyone to use it in production, but it would be great if you could try it with any existing application by just placing the .jar on the class path, changing the connection string, and running your test suites/load tests etc. Report any issues to me at launchpad.

Also, I need some inspiration, are there any features you have wanted to see in a JDBC driver? Cloud aware (if anyone wants this, please define it for me :) )? Plug-in system for query optimization etc?

How to help:

  • Download Drizzle-JDBC 0.7 and place it on your classpath, or, if you use maven, add this dependency to your pom.xml:
  • Change the connection string to the form:
    (if your tooling needs to do a Class.forName, the driver classname is org.drizzle.jdbc.DrizzleDriver)
  • Run your test suite
  • When anything unexpected happens, post a bug report at launchpad, preferably with a stack trace and the test case that triggered the error (or send me an email at if you don't have a launchpad account and don't want one).


Tell me about a feature you would really like to see in a JDBC driver! (well, better performance and bug free would of course be nice features, but that is what I want to achieve from the previous section)


Michael said...

What is the driver?

Michael said...


(i also did not find it on the wiki)

Marcus Eriksson said...


You can download it from the maven repository,

Hope it helps

Marcus Eriksson said...

Or, not sure i understand the question, what is the problem?

Michael said...

Next to the jar and the connection string, users need to know the driver class. This seemed to be missing from this blog and the wiki.

Marcus Eriksson said...

Since drizzle jdbc is only for java6, the driver class name is not really needed (it auto registers)

Guess some tools/frameworks might need it though, ill update the post, thanks