Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 and looking forward to 2010

So, this is yet another 2009 retrospect with some goals for 2010, I'll do it in list form so someone might actually browse it;

  • Main event of 2009 was that i got kid nr 2, Teo.
  • Ran 1000K despite injuries
  • Started Drizzle JDBC.
  • Got excited about programming again and realized I need a new job
  • Got Drizzle JDBC to version 0.6, not many users yet, so can't say much about the quality (or, one could look at it from another angle, it is bug free! *cough*)
  • Went to JavaOne, great stuff, probably the last one.
  • Started a very long parental leave!
  • Started working a lot on replication-related stuff:
  • "Learned" Haskell and started looking at Erlang.
  • Read some great books; Java Concurrency In Practice, Real World Haskell, Effective java (like every year) ...
2010 goals:
  • Continue my long, sweet parental leave (living in Sweden has its benefits)
  • Run 1500K
  • Get myself a new job, main requirements:
    • Most importantly, has a high paced startup-feel to it, I want to build stuff, not have meetings about the stuff we could build
    • Uses open source products
    • Contributes stuff back to open source communities (or, best of all, has some open source products of their own)
  • Make RabbitReplication into a proper product
    • Create web page
    • Make regular releases with good documentation
    • Build support for more column/key-value stores
    • Document how to extend it
    • Clean up the code
  • Get Drizzle-JDBC to "1.0" with someone using it in production (given drizzle makes it there). I'm guessing that when Drizzle itself is production ready, the user (and bug-) count will increase.
  • Learn at least one new programming language (Erlang, I'm looking at you), and build something with it.
  • Go to at least one conference
  • Blog more, November and December frequencies have been ok, mainly because I actually had time to build stuff worth blogging about.
  • Read more books (current reading queue: Erlang programming, SICP, Reread Distributed Systems - Concepts and design, Java Generics and Collections)
  • Invent a clock with 30 hrs a day to actually manage all the above goals

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your goals mets in 2009, Marcus! And of course, you have mine and the rest of the Drizzle community's support in achieving your goals in 2010! :)