Thursday, October 29, 2009

Replication from MySQL to Drizzle using Tungsten Replicator

Last week I sat down and created a Drizzle Applier for Tungsten Replicator. This makes it possible to replicate changes from MySQL (for example) to Drizzle. An applier is used to apply changes on a slave. This blog post aims to explain how you could try it out.

  1. Download this patch
  2. Check out the latest tungsten code:
    svn co
  3. Apply the patch:
    patch -p0 < drizzle_applier.diff
    in the replicator directory
  4. Build it:
    in the replicator directory. This creates binaries in the replicator/build/ directory.
  5. Follow the instructions in the Tungsten Replicator documentation to set up the master and the slave (extractor and applier).
  6. Use this properties file as an example for your properties file on the slave (applier).
  7. Download this version of drizzle jdbc, and put it in the lib/ directory (of the extracted distribution)
  8. Start it up!
Until there is a mysqldump-converter (or similar) that can create mysql dumps that can be consumed by drizzle, it will be difficult to get a consistent starting point.

Note that this is a very early version of both the applier and the jdbc driver, so please report any bugs to me,, attach the log file from the log directory.

The code has been submitted to Continuent and will hopefully end up in a future official version.

I'm also currently working on an extractor for drizzle - i.e. making it possible to use Drizzle as a master. Stay tuned for that within a week or so.


Robert Hodges said...

Outstanding effort. We have a new release that posts next week. As soon as it is out we'll add your patch. Welcome to the gang.

Cheers, Robert
(One of the Tungsten guys)

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