Monday, September 28, 2009

Drizzle JDBC 0.5

I just pushed Drizzle-JDBC 0.5 to the maven repos, changelog:
  • fixes
    • setBytes in Blob not working
    • getTypeName in ResultSetMetaData
    • create timestamp based on a date field
    • isBeforeFirst() in ResultSets should return false if it is an empty result set
    • setObject should support java.util.Date
    • timestamp bug
    • if asking for generated keys and no query was executed - return empty result set
  • Support "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE" in rewrite insert batch handler
  • Handle prepared statement placeholders within quotes and comments
  • Automatically run test suite for mysql as well as drizzle
  • Strip queries from comments in prepared statements
  • Use java.nio.ByteBuffer - better performance and cleaner code
  • More reports in Hudson (history lost though, apparently no way to convert a maven-project to a freestyle-project):
It is available in the public maven repository: