Thursday, November 6, 2008

Google Guice and JAX-WS RI revisited

I've been coding a bit more with the guice-extension for jax-ws, and the result is actually quite nice, see below for how your web service endpoint would look when it is handled by guice:
@GuiceManaged(module = WebServiceModule.class)
public class AddNumbersImpl implements AddNumbers {

    private Calculator calculator;

    public void setCalculator(Calculator calc)
    public int addNumbers(int num1, int num2)
        return this.calculator.calc(num1,num2);
And WebServiceModule looks like this:
public class WebServiceModule extends AbstractModule {
    protected void configure() {

It can handle endpoints in any scope you want, if you want just one instance of the endpoint, you either annotate the class with @Singleton or bind it in Singleton scope in your module.

Head over to the jax-ws commons project on to get the code, binaries and some information on how to use it.

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Daddy Parks said...

Followed your instructions but with no luck. Using guicemanaged-0.5.jar and my injected dependency (equivalent to your 'calculator' above) is null.

Using guice-2.0 and jboss 5.

What method did you use to start up guice? Did you create a sar? ...